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Welcome to The HAPPY Summer!!

Hallloooo. I’m back. It’s been a long, long year. And that’s enough to say about that really. I’m finished as a Montessori gnome for the foreseeable future… awaiting my next adventure. Gnomegarden makings have been down due to said long, long year. It may open like a tinkerers cart for a while… here and there. With various makings. I’ll post updates here.

MOST OF ALL, I have returned to this webbylog to record a summer-long project of rediscovering the practical magic of every day life. I have this gift of being at least *mostly-home* with the gals this summer, and I want it to count BIG. I have many ideas for projects and adventures, and the willingness to be surprised by what each day brings. I DO hope it’s mostly good surprises. In fact, that is what I am striving for…


Making it a habit. Not in a Pollyanna kind of way, but as an experiment in what is possible.

As a friend of mine once remarked– “I mean, ANYBODY can be happy when things are going great, right?!” The challenge is to try and make it when things are just plain ol’ ordinary and then some. Even on the worst of days, there’s so much to be thankful for.

Stay tuned–lots of SUMMER coming up.

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Happy to you.

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