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theurgy thursday


1. Divine or supernatural intervention in human affairs.
2. The performance of miracles with supernatural assistance.
3. Magic performed with the aid of beneficent spirits, as formerly practiced by the Neo-Platonists.

Theurgy is religious or spiritual magic; thaumaturgy is practical magic. Putting it another way, theurgy is directed at changing the magician, thaumaturgy is directed at changing the world.
We could use a little.


I hope you enjoy learning these new words as much as I do!  That was the greatest thing about reading the Series of Unfortunate Events book series with the kidlings.  All of the great words Snicket snuck-ed in. :)


This week brought a few changes for Chloe.  The trip to Reston was exhausting as usual.  A few minor changes in meds.  The doctor thought that her blood pressure numbers were better.  The changes in her meds are to meant to further address the dizziness now.  It  hasn’t budged as of yet–but she has been feeling well-enough to have a couple of friends visit this week.  That is a good thing and it’s so nice  to hear laughter coming from her room.

For whatever reason–much less sleep than usual going on for her and thus the family.    Falling asleep lately looks like 4-5am for her.  Homeschool classes at 8am.  Big bummer.  Have to figure that one out.

The home-services ball is rolling very slowly.  Making more calls on those tomorrow.  On Friday we’ll be seeing another cardiologist in hopes of finding someone to follow her locally.

Not much else to report for the past week really.


I cannot leave this post without a big THANK YOU to the awesome families at The Montessori School who have set up a “meal train” page for us.  We have enjoyed some amazing soup and bread from Dear Vivian, yummy butternut squash soup from the Field family and the most amazing pork barbecue that any of us have EVER tasted from Jill Woodward and The Bachvaroff family.  THANKS to you from the bottom of our hearts and bellies!  It is a great help and comfort to have a meal appear with such love.   You are all very appreciated!

The super colossal THANKS this week goes to Dr Shoe, one of Chloe’s orthodontists. Chloe got  braces put on early  this past fall.   Our orthodontic experience has been super great with their practice.  Their staff is so friendly  and they make it almost FUN to have braces.  There all all sorts of incentive programs for the kids and a comfortable, fun atmosphere in the office.   Chloe has always looked forward to her visits.   All of that aside… Dr.  Shoe MADE A HOUSE CALL this week to take care of Chloe’s mouth.  He brought  things to help Chloe in caring for her braces.  He changed her wires and gave her an awesomely colorful mouth!  Having sore teeth for a  few days never felt so good!  I cannot believe how lucky we are to have them caring for her!  Thanks a MILLION times over.

Drs Siegel. Pick and Shoe.  Orthodontic Rockstars.


Fiber update on the way.

xo, Dawn



Squinky  & squinty


In Reston, super bummed.



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Only Mostly Wordless.

Rollercoaster of life.

Things are pretty much the same with Miss Chloe.  She has settled back into her old meds.  We return to Reston this Friday to see if Dr. A will make any changes.  It is all sooooo. slooow.  The meds take so long to show if they will benefit at all.  The Doctors … well, are so busy.   We are working on some additional options and now have a case manager to help in the crawl towards wellness.   Phone calls today might mean help in a few days or few weeks.   Lists are long. Improvements are so tiny, if  they come at all, and hope is so hard to believe in.  Alas and alack– it is the only way right now. :)   We’re all hanging in just waiting for a grain of sand to shift and movement towards the positive.  Spring is coming– those few nice days were great, weren’t they?  Got the windows open and made friends with a few more stink bugs.  Going to get the garden catalogues out soon and start to think on this years growings.  Also this years groundhog hunting, else the growings are in vain!

Keeping busy– Chloe is still drawing loads of eyes, writing art-letters, keeping at her school work, and skyping with her cousins.  Lil has been sewing and is about to begin embroidering some dish towels.  She is also getting ready to play cello at her first public appearance!  Very excited about that.

I’ve been doing lots of dyeing and spinning.  Went to a small show last weekend and had a nice day.

Jim has been making some amazing tiny dioramas and was a “Pick of the Week” online and made Flickr’s explore.  Check it out.  I think his new stuff is awesome. ( photo stolen from jim’s blog)

More news as it happens.

Family Art planned for this weekend.



Here are some  days…


What else? Scones. ( In her Coraline sweater)



Other times…

Lil in with the faeries


Pigs in a blanket

Wool for dinner, again.

On “special” last week at Trader Joes

Play it 20 times!

The Indie Artist Celebration

Secret Equipment.


Again with a DAISY!

Prickly snoogling.

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Fabiform Friday

Fabiform.  Here meaning– shaped like a bean.

Welcome to bean shaped Friday.

Since I am so behind on my Wednesdays…sigh.  Here are some photos of the past week.

Tomorrow, I am dyeing.  a lot.  It’s supposed to get a bit warmer these next few days, so I am firing up the kettles and hanging colors on the clothesline.  You know what that means– Yarn, yarn , yarn is coming.  The spring shows are coming.  I’ll be at the “farm day” down at Upper Room Studios on the Eastern shore, and hopefully the Homespun Yarn Party and lastly the mighty Sheep and Wool fest.  I’ll also be delivering a bundle of yarn-love to Lovely Yarns in Hampden as soon as I can get it there…

Chloe has had the worst week thus far of POTSY hell.  Nothing good to report.  The new med doesn’t seem to be helping her dizziness yet.    Hoping for a better time of it soon.  She is very happily exchanging art-letters with a few folks.  Please leave a comment if you’d like to join in her art exchange-list.  :)

More to follow.  Hope you all have a great weekend!

Ghoulia Yelps is the coolest high school monster.

Was Jim happier WITH his beard??

He scoffs.  You decide.  I like all of his facial hair sculptures.


Happy Ipod gets her through it.

We had a piggie spa day.  Pumpkin in the pie.

Panson’s turn.  He has a long-haired rocker coif.

doesn’t that little nose just kill you?

After his blow-out.  He’s so awesome.

The girls– Daisy and Frida Kahlo got shampooed as well– eve though they tried to get us with their laser-beam-eyes.

Bob dropped by to visit Panson and munch on some hay.  Pants tried to laser him as well, but Bob is speedy!

Lilzee munching on  bagel and lox.  She loves this way more than most human children

Lil, who is relentlessly farming for teeth.  Oh the torment of a dangling tooth.

sad, sad Chlo.  But happily Art-ing.  Also note the Marylin Manson amigurmi doll she crocheted.  Just wow.

The joy of facetime with far-away family

The joy of cyclamen

and the joy that is Bob-the-bird :)   He was found as a bitty-baby out in the wild last summer, he is getting sweeter all the time (as opposed to the human-munching bird he has been until recently), and has even started talking!  I think he was hoping to nest in Jim’s beard… alas and alack.

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Wordless Wednesday

Words tomorrow for Thursday!!

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Frigiferous Friday.

Yep, Its c-o-l-d, COLD!  Enough snow today for a late school start.  Chloe is hard at work on her schoolwork upstairs and Lil is gleefully at school for “the-last-day-before-my-birthday.”  Which is almost as good as the day itself, in case you don’t know! 8 years old tomorrow.

Here is the visual proof of this past  week.  We are looking forward to a nice CALM and healthful  next week.  I wish the same for you.

Have a great weekend!

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