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The Garden Temple

Oh, I’m behind on the bloggin.

So many good things have been going on that I have MEANT to blog about….

You can check out the flickr stream for the visuals.  In the meantime, here’s a quick update.

Chloe is doing BETTER!  A bit.  But We’ll take it!  Big meeting on Tuesday night with all of the Doctors to make a plan for the summer.  We’re just trying to go with whatever each day serves up and making the best of it.  She is still really dizzy all of the time, and there are some days that feel bad, but there have been other days with SWIMMING, and SKATING at roller derby!  ( see Jimmy’s blog for details  )  That’s HUGE!!  We’re really happy and hopeful that we’ve seen the lowest point now with the POTS adventures.  She has started outpatient physical therapy, which will help her work on her strength and endurance.

And it’s almost SUMMER… which helps with the moods around here for sure!

Lil is great, and looking forward to school’s end in a couple of weeks.

She’s still loosing teeth too. :)

Today we wrapped up a project that has been in the works for a couple of years.   It’s been a  lot of fun and makes me really happy.

Now I get to smile  about them every time I go out in the garden.:)

Here’s a slideshow if you’d like to gander at the individual flags.


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Happy 4th, 5th and 6th!

I love long family weekends.

Yesterday was arty and lazy. We all spent some time on art. The girls camped out in the rain on the front porch to do their share.

Marigold is still working on hers and prefers not to show it yet. Rosie painted a gorgeous portrait. “Who is it?” Why the president! You know, OBAMA! Nice 4th of July magic there Rosebud. Hope it works out for us!

The other painting was for me, and just so sweet. I love them as she displayed them together. This was a “close your eyes and stumble out for a show” event. :)

Today was a visit to a dear families Backporch Bluegrass Party. It was really fun and full of really nice music and good food.

People from New Orleans like to serve these.


Lots of people ATE them.

my KIDS ate them.

Completely mental for them. Big heaping platefuls of shells and buglike carcasses. Shiver me timbers. I tried, I did. I liked them pretty fine. The tail was yummy. Couldn’t “suck on the spicey head half” as instructed by the children. Nope. They managed to do so with great gusto.

Go figure.

What will tomorrow bring?

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Family Art Friday

Here are the makings of family art night:

Jim’s “Early Water Tower”. Click to go to his site and see more detail and other works in the Water Tower series.

Early Water Tower

Here’s Marigold’s painting for a sick friend “Opening Night”:


Also– she was inspired by our musical inspiration– Adam and the Ants.


Rosemary painted “Turkey Coop” and “Mudsuckle” and “Honeysuckle the Unicorn”


Lastly I did two for people I love. The first is an homage to Magritte and my dear Jim.


The second is for my dear WitchHazel, who is growing older tomorrow. Happy birthday!! I love you, wee sprite. You will be getting a treasure chest from us this week!


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Here is a glimpse of the new Making Fiends Show– if you haven’t seen the scoop already. We love the original site so, so much. My girls ever-quote the episodes and were even inspired to Halloween as Vendetta and Charlotte. See? And the GIANT hamsters that almost wrecked my sewing machine for good? Only our friends and family had any idea who they were, but Marigold had a great time speaking in Vendetta-ish all night and the little is just naturally Charlotte.

charlotte & vendetta ( and their giant hamsters)

charlotte & MAD vendetta ( and their giant hamsters)

Amy Winfrey is the geniusette behind it and she is getting a gig on Nick. Check out her website at making fiends and some of the new show temptings here.

ART CLASS for the fiendish ones….


Yesterday we started the most recent installment of life-long for-real art experiences for the girls. This is in part to compensate for the lame-oh-art-prison classes at school and also just for fun and creativity time in our family. Jim already does Illustration Friday night with them most weeks, and these days are just an excuse for more of a good thing for everyone. We started yesterday with a lesson on mixing colors and color theory and relationship. They did such great work! Even the youngest did the mixing all by herself and really got it. Here they are hypnotized by the process



That’s all I have for this evening, I am headed up to the nest to knit on the recital capelet. I will have a knitting update soon, as well as shots of some new markers tomorrow!


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