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pi = 3.14159265

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Happy or Crappy??

That seems to be the essential question.

Happy as an act of faith and something to be worked at rather than an entitled state of bliss and contentment. Or just NOT. It is a choice all the time. Every second of every day.

It has been on my mind and in my face all the ding danged day.

Like rainbow pie?

or bloody vampire pie??

( please click on either for recipes from Instuctables)

2 very different pies!

It is just so freaking hard to choose sometimes.Rainbow or vampire? Happy or crappy? And how do you know which choice is the RIGHT one. Crappy is the place to be sometimes.

Either way you can probably find a good taste if you try, right? It’s just the presentation. But that’s tough to get by sometimes. Work. And sometimes the presentation is too nasty.

Pies, dying hermit crab number 2 ( or maybe just a molt?) :) A back-hoe hitting your husbands (empty) car. Frankenstein.

Rosie was reading her copy of MARY SHELLEY’S FRANKENSTEIN. She picked it up off of a book give away table yesterday. “The guy with BOLTS in his NECK.” She wants to save it for when she is older. She has slept with it under her pillow for 2 nights. I just took it to photo it. ( I will put it baaaaack!)

She was sitting there trying to find the small words she knew and tell me them. Like “I” and “AND” and ” THE” and then I encouraged her to try stringing the sounds together– not just the little sight words they were stuffed with last year. She said “W-O-N. woooooooon. won.” She was grinning so big. I was flipping out with happiness for her. The she said ” I WAAAAAAANNNNNNTTTTT… TO BUY A HAMBURGER!” You know– like from the Pink Panther movie?? I almost cried I laughed so hard. Who knew that line came from Frankenstein, and that it took a 5 year old to break the code.

Anyhow. Which pie would you choose?

Should we have a taste test? I bet the girl-baker would love to whip them up, or explode them.

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