CREEPY knitting, and Vampires in Love.

I have some fiber news and content coming up for you over the next few days!

I am trying to spin my head off– as well as work through some of the formidable pile of UFO’s hanging around our hobbit hole.

First up– My Jimmy’s commuter chapeau aptly named Jackyll + Hyde.  Sadly, I began this over a year ago and got distracted by a shop sample.  It’s a quick, fun knit.

It’s good for him to have something warm yet cheery for those wintry train rides.  I think he’ll have plenty of seats to choose from, don’t you.

It is Henry’s attic organic cotton– which is so, so soft plus embellishment in MIssion Falls 1824 Cotton.

I have some classes cooking up!  Starting with a Fall felted Jewelry workshop. Followed by LOTS of cool and fun stuff! I’ll tell you about the first bit tomorrow.  Right now I have to go and devour the 3rd Twilight series book. :)

I am always late on the pop-phenomena series… I picked up Harry Potter late and became an instant maniac for it.  Jim brought me home Twilight as a gift last weekend.  I have read the first 2 this week– but each in one night.  It’s sick.  They like chocolate for me.  I don’t want to be a vampire yet– but I still have 2 books to go , and Edward is so irresistable!  Off to dig in….

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2 Responses to CREEPY knitting, and Vampires in Love.

  1. erin lutz says:

    What a handsome fella. Edward that is!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kellie says:

    Glad you discovered Twilight. They are fun books. My Sara is very excited for the film that is coming out next month.

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