Fibery giveaway~~ Homespun Yarn Party this SUNDAY!

Well I am fighting with a cold… It is keeping those new pics delayed for another day… but I wanted to get the giveaway going.  I promise those pics tomorrow!  I have been so hard at work on fiber for this weekend.

Gnomegarden was featured on the HYP website today.  I am getting so excited for Sunday!  Here are the details on the great big giveaway–

Just leave a comment here telling me what your dream yarn or fiber would look like– You can describe it literally, or by mood, or color, or metaphor. :)   You can post a picture or reference that you’d like to see inspire a yarn, I am game for anything.  Here’s the deal.  I will choose a winner at random next weekend ( so that all the new friends from this weekend get a shot).  The winner will get that yarn or fiber created for them.  At least 4oz of squooshy love from the gnomegirl!  You don’t have to be present at the Yarn Party– though I will be so glad if you come.  I may also award a honorable mention purely subjectively on the comment that most inspires my yarny heart. :)

Ok, that’s all for tonight.  Please try to make it to Savage Mill on Sunday if you can– there will be so much crafty wonderment to behold.  Please say “hi” and introduce yourself  if we have not met before!

More tomorrow!


11 Responses to “Fibery giveaway~~ Homespun Yarn Party this SUNDAY!”

  1. bunnysquirrel says:

    blue, and soft like a bunny. but not made of bunny, cause that would make me sneeze.

  2. Cathy Smith says:

    This will be my first HYP so I am really excited to see everything. I am just learning to spin so I would love some really soft alpaca/merino blend in purples/greens to remind me of spring.
    Thanks so much and I am so glad I checked out your website.

    See you Sunday!

    Cathy Smith

  3. Rena (sewwhatsports) says:

    I would love a field of wildflowers. Bright, sunny and vibrant colors that are all mixed. I see reds and blues and oranges in the flowers, the bright green of the plants themselves, sky blue and fluffy white for the clouds. There might be a little sparkle in it for the sun shining off early morning dew. A beautiful field with no set pattern, just a flood of color.

  4. Dot Laoang says:

    I’d love some pretty springlike colors like lavender, pale yellow, pale green or blue in a soft sport weight yarn. Thanks for being willing to do this!

  5. Catsue says:

    Licheny, mermaidy, ocean green silver-blue.

  6. Beth says:

    My dream yarn would be purple, a nice blue-purple semi-solid. I like a little color variation, but I’m a purple fanatic. It would have to be a bamboo blend, maybe bamboo/alpaca in a lightweight yarn so that I could make it into a summer shawl.

  7. Doris says:

    I will be attending my first HYP and can’t wait! After a super long and snowy winter, I would love to see spring flowers…fuschia, pink, purple, green for foliage, maybe some yellow or coral. My summer garden usually has just that kind of riot of colors and I am so looking forward to all those plants being there for my viewing pleasure. I shawl that I knit of those colors would be so nice.

  8. Erin says:

    I’m imagining an enchanted forest–greens of moss and ferns, browns of cool earth and tree branches, orange of fallen pine needles, and purples of irises, lavender, and violets. Perhaps a shimmery element too, for the glint of faeries’ wings. A nice soft fiber–merino, BFL, falkland…maybe blended here and there with some other fun things like tencel. It would be bulky to super-bulky, two-ply, and at least 155yds (because I’d love to make a faerie hat out of this!)

  9. BethL says:

    I love bubblegum pinks….pea greens…chocolate browns and tans all wrapped up into one! Would love a nice soft sock yarn made in these colors!

  10. Nemera says:

    My dream yarn would have to be inspired by fire… with all those wonderful colors. My favorites of course being orange and green. The yarn would have those radiant flaming colors of orange, red, yellow, and pink with those subtle but still magnificent undertones of blue, green, brown, and purple. Your yarn has always been stupendous and my favorite part is when its soft and mushy (like my kitty) and has those little sparkly peices of gold or silver.

  11. Jamie says:

    My dream yarn would be bulky, smooth and super soft! I love big chunks of unapologetically bright, rich colors, especially orange, brilliant blue, lavender, yellow, Kelly green and fuchsia! And maybe two-plied with something shiny! And I love the reverse spin so it’s really curvy!

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