Fabiform Friday

February 11th, 2011

Fabiform.  Here meaning– shaped like a bean.

Welcome to bean shaped Friday.

Since I am so behind on my Wednesdays…sigh.  Here are some photos of the past week.

Tomorrow, I am dyeing.  a lot.  It’s supposed to get a bit warmer these next few days, so I am firing up the kettles and hanging colors on the clothesline.  You know what that means– Yarn, yarn , yarn is coming.  The spring shows are coming.  I’ll be at the “farm day” down at Upper Room Studios on the Eastern shore, and hopefully the Homespun Yarn Party and lastly the mighty Sheep and Wool fest.  I’ll also be delivering a bundle of yarn-love to Lovely Yarns in Hampden as soon as I can get it there…

Chloe has had the worst week thus far of POTSY hell.  Nothing good to report.  The new med doesn’t seem to be helping her dizziness yet.    Hoping for a better time of it soon.  She is very happily exchanging art-letters with a few folks.  Please leave a comment if you’d like to join in her art exchange-list.  :)

More to follow.  Hope you all have a great weekend!

Ghoulia Yelps is the coolest high school monster.

Was Jim happier WITH his beard??

He scoffs.  You decide.  I like all of his facial hair sculptures.


Happy Ipod gets her through it.

We had a piggie spa day.  Pumpkin in the pie.

Panson’s turn.  He has a long-haired rocker coif.

doesn’t that little nose just kill you?

After his blow-out.  He’s so awesome.

The girls– Daisy and Frida Kahlo got shampooed as well– eve though they tried to get us with their laser-beam-eyes.

Bob dropped by to visit Panson and munch on some hay.  Pants tried to laser him as well, but Bob is speedy!

Lilzee munching on  bagel and lox.  She loves this way more than most human children

Lil, who is relentlessly farming for teeth.  Oh the torment of a dangling tooth.

sad, sad Chlo.  But happily Art-ing.  Also note the Marylin Manson amigurmi doll she crocheted.  Just wow.

The joy of facetime with far-away family

The joy of cyclamen

and the joy that is Bob-the-bird :)   He was found as a bitty-baby out in the wild last summer, he is getting sweeter all the time (as opposed to the human-munching bird he has been until recently), and has even started talking!  I think he was hoping to nest in Jim’s beard… alas and alack.