The soundtrack to my madness

September 28th, 2010

Did you ever have a day like this??  I just did.

Metaphorical muffins, making me insane.

Thanks, Chlo.

I have been making some lovely yarns, Hoping to post some pics in the next couple of days.

Rock out, muffins.

Updated Mushaboom Gnomegarden

March 28th, 2010

“We’ll collect the moments one by one

I guess that’s how the future’s done.”

That’s just one of my favorite songs.

I named one of my yarns Mushaboom this go round, in it’s honor.

I just finished a big update at the gnomegarden etsy shop.  Here’s the scoop:

Here is an update that was a long time coming :)   ! go to the ETSY! Please  share it with your fiber loving friends and family!

Look for more frequent updates this Spring with lots of spinning fiber, and luscious yarn.

Many of the yarns in this update look fabulous in combination, thus alleviating the ever present question “well, what would I do with one skein??” :)   If you need more ideas though, there is a fab website of low yardage genius at simple patterns to knit with 1-285 yards of yarn and on Ravelry for  “free knit patterns– 285 yards or less”

Please visit me this Spring and let me know how you are!
xo Dawn

Song for today…

March 19th, 2010

Love this song.  Get’s stuck in my head like a much needed anthem.

Funny my fingers are all cracked and ouchy from so much dyeing.  I do wear gloves… one of lifes great mysteries I guess.

Happy Friday.

Good To BE.