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make your own rainbows.

Busy weekend dyeing.

30 lbs colored now.


Lilzee even got in on the action with her Kool aid.


Here’s a clip form my upcoming “Spinner’s Meditation DVD.”

not really.  But it’s very relaxing. :)

Next up– Less Fiber– MORE YARN!  This is my mantra.



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Here’s about half of what I dyed today…  (The line is around 13 feet long.)

Who does that without checking the weather forecast??  Now, imagine a drying rack filled to collapse and fiber strung from every pipe and rogue nail in the basement.

Lesson learned.

Didn’t check rightwaytodothings.com.  again.

Weather is to be drippy or flakey for most of the week.  Guess it’s time to spin some wool instead.  I suddenly have a few shows lined up and some good yarny things to share.  More on that a bit later.  Time to get the little to bed.  Test is over for Chloe tomorrow!!!  So glad to get back to some medicine!

sweet dreams.

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Good morning!

It’s a fog-soup morning here in my crumb of Maryland. I’ve been so busy dyeing and dyeing these past 2 weeks.

I am getting ready for a fiber festival on the Easter Shore of Maryland.

I’ll be teaching a class on Sunday at the Upper Room Studio– More on that next post.

Have a great day!

Here is the scoop from the museum site:

Annual Fall Textile Arts Festival!

Second Saturday

in October 2009!

Don’t Miss It!

The Julia A. Purnell Museum’s annual textile arts festival takes place the second Saturday in October each year .

Festival admission is free, and so is admission to the museum on this day.


Misty Meadow Alpacas
Handpainted yarn, roving, Dorr Mill wool, alpaca fiber rugs, and rag rugs

Seaside Siren
Felted wool bags and jewelry

Embroidered jewelry, buttons, and ornaments

LuckyGirlz Alpacas
Live alpacas! Alpaca products and nature materials jewelry by Green Dog

Daye Dreams and Postage Stamp
Soaps, lotions, and giftbaskets

Home Sweet
Textile company specializing in block printed, environmentally friendly fabrics and home goods in original designs

Pizza Shoppe Inc.
Pizza and other food

ALA Church
Hamburgers, hot dogs, drinks, etc.

Coastal Cottage Soaps/ Liberto’s Art
Handcrafted natural bath soaps, laundry soaps, dog soap, crocheted spa cloths, dishcloths, and hand-painted canvas floorcloths

The Fine Needle
Snow Hill’s local yarn store

Return to Splendor
Tatted items, knitting accessories, hand-dyed cotton threads for tatting, drop spindles
Upper Room Studio
Handmade fiber creations, spinning and knitting equipment, fibers, etc.

Sage & Thistle
Native American and Southwest style jewelry, including dreamcatcher earrings, beadwork, stone necklaces, dreamcarchers, and sterling silverwork

Gregory Road Handspun
Lovely handspun yarns in a variety of fibers–alpaca, superwash, a variety of wools, and more.

Heidi Wetzel
Traditional and contemporary baskets that are utilitarian and decorative, and woven wall hangings.

Bead Obsessions
Knitting with beads demonstration from 10am – 2pm

Shelby B’s Designs
Stitchmarkers, handpainted yarn, and roving, some inspired by Harry Potter

Bizzie Lizzie Creations
Handcrafted bags, purses, totes, and accessories

Generations Tie-Dye
Hand dyed tie-dyed garments and accessories, including baby/layette, children, adult, scarves, scrubs, playskills, and more

Sand In My Stitches
Hand-painted yarn and stitch markers

Wooly Bear Beads
Hand-made felted bead jewelry

Teresa Levite Studio
Hand-dyed fiber (wool, silk, bamboo, etc) and yarn, commercially dyed spinning fibers, drop spindles and spinning wheels

Society for Creative Anachronism
Demo of Middle Ages fiber arts and clothing


Julia A. Purnell Museum
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Midsummer’s fiber update and storytelling

Super-big-30-batt UPDATE at the old etsy shop!!!!  Please visit and if you are a fiberfiend, buy some!  There are some new lovelies there.

Tell a friend!  I am home from the shop with the kids for the summer you know… I need to make some money on etsy for summer-adventuring!!! :)

I’m only showing you one– you’ll have to go to the shop and look!

Some other weird but true news is that I have been interviewed by spin in public.  You can check out a short sketch about the fiber in my life here.  It was a fun exercise to sit and think about how fiber art and creative endeavors unfold for me… I am usually not so conscious of it. :)   I am excessively thankful to Cindy for asking me to be a part of her magnificent new site.  It is a wonderful resource and inspiration for spinners- new and expert!

Ok.  I am off to the beach for a visit to the family this week.  I’ll be checking in and taking lots of photos…


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Add a little extra fiber to your diet!

All restocked at the shop!

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