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Recent Yarnings…. Raga

Shop updated last night! I am getting ready to pack just about all of it off to Maryland Sheep and Wool later this week, so if there’s anything you desire in the shop, please let me know!

I’ve been working on a couple of new things…
Here are the “Raga” yarns. Named for a Sanskrit word that means literally “color, hue, beauty, and melody” and ALSO the term for some really nice Indian music— they are mostly cotton yarns that are complex and so textural. The process of making them is a bit long, but results in a yarn that isn’t too primitive and also very strong and balanced, structurally speaking. I really like it, and hope you do too.  I am dreaming of great summer bags made from it!

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Forecast: A lovely yarnish day ahead

Hello!  Anybody in here???

I just can’t seem to post with any frequency– but I will catch up eventually.

You can be sure that life is stomping ahead full speed, whether or not I am taking pictures and writing about it!

The past 2 weeks have been ruled by my return to Montessori School of Pouring and Polishing.  It is nice to be back amongst my ever inspiring co-workers there.  These weeks also marked the return of my very own poppets to school.  That is exhausting enough!  We’re all doing fine; adjusting our internal and external alarm clocks.  :)

I wanted to let you know that along with all of the life stuff to catch up about, there are also some fibery happenings.  I’ll be at Hampden’s Lovelyarns 4th annual Trunk Show this coming Saturday.  I am so excited to be a vendor and also to see the lovely fibers sure to be there!   I’ll have a bouquet of handspun yarns, a caboodle of hand blended hand dyed batts, and oodles of rovings and other fuzzy oddments.  Here is the announcement straight from the Lovely Source.  Please come out and play!

Also ahead in October–  A fiber festival in Ocean City, MD and a spinning class in said hamlet of fiber!  Stay tuned!

Lovelyarns Trunk Show


Lovelyarns’ back porch and parking pad
846 w. 36th Street
Baltimore, MD 21211

Driving Directions


September 12, 2010

1:00  to 6:00 PM

Add to my calendar


Please come to the 4th Annual Lovely Trunk Show, for the biggest selection and most fun yet!

There will be food and wine, and Lovely cupcakes from  Halliecakes!

Each year we throw this party to celebrate our anniversary in September, and it is hard to believe we are starting our fifth year in business.

This year we have even more vendors, and will be taking over the parking lot!

Here’s this year’s lineup:
  • Abstract Fibers **
  • Angel’s Kiss Alpacas
  • Blue Heron Yarns
  • The Alpaca Yarn Company
  • Dyed Bright Here **
  • Gnomegarden (handspun & ROVING) **
  • Shalimar Yarns
  • Snallygaster Fibers **
  • Woolarina

And Designs from the Edge** retro-inspired hip, original clothing and accessories!
** New this year!

We’ve e-x-p-a-n-d-e-d

the hours this year !

Come any time between 1:00 and 6:00 for the most amazing selection of yarn & accessories ever.

(Yes, we will still be giving out tickets just so there is enough room for everyone. but you can drink and eat cake while you’re waiting!)
And since the hours are expanded, there is no need to come early. The selection will still be outstanding at 5:00, and the crowd should be smaller.

As always, there is no charge  to attend, and parking is free on Sundays in Hampden!
The food and drink is on us as a “thank you” for being such wonderful  loyal customers for the past 4 years.

Hope to see you there!

Sue Caldwell

(410) 662 – 9276

(NOTE to yarnaholics: If you are worried about compulsive yarn buying, please come prepared . Bring a pattern you’ve been wanting to knit or crochet so we know exactly how many yards you need. Then you can limit yourself and buy guilt-free. Results not typical. Side effects may occur.)

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Wordless, mostly. Knitting.

Been sort of wordless lately.   I thought I’d share some knitting and photos until the words return.

These 2 are handspun skeins that have been hanging around the treasure bowl for a while.  I spun them and loved them so much in strand/yarn-form that I couldn’t even think of making them into “something.”  They were like those experiences I have with painting sometimes… there’s a perfect place or 2 that are so lovely alone that you just need to dwell on it for a bit.

I want to wear them now.  I’m done dwelling :) .

Then here’s a new chapeau made with a fellow etsian ( coolclimate’s) handspun.  It is a nice and slouchy hat which with those magical Chinese lanterns makes me feel sort of like a mystical miner…. they cast a very special sort of light ahead of me. :)

Lots of dyeing going on.  Headed to the Outer Banks next week for the Holiday.  Lots of knitting going with me.

Have a great Thanksgiving.

Be Thankful.

Love your family.


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Add a little extra fiber to your diet!

All restocked at the shop!

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The Big Etsy Shop update!

Back from the land of Fae with lots of sparkles and shimmer to show for it!

Loads o’ batts in this morning, and loads o’ lovely yarn going up tonight!! Please come visit and support your local fiber-gnome!!!

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