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Recent Yarnings…. Raga

Shop updated last night! I am getting ready to pack just about all of it off to Maryland Sheep and Wool later this week, so if there’s anything you desire in the shop, please let me know!

I’ve been working on a couple of new things…
Here are the “Raga” yarns. Named for a Sanskrit word that means literally “color, hue, beauty, and melody” and ALSO the term for some really nice Indian music— they are mostly cotton yarns that are complex and so textural. The process of making them is a bit long, but results in a yarn that isn’t too primitive and also very strong and balanced, structurally speaking. I really like it, and hope you do too.  I am dreaming of great summer bags made from it!

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Spin Out Sister.

Yep, this siter has been *sitting and spinning. (*repeat from asterisk. for days.)

I have a basket full of string that I have been listing on etsy all day.

I have yet another basket in process that should be up there in a day or 2 and a handful of batts.  I am binge spinning.  It feels great, plus we have a sick bird ( hedwig) that needs some tests– please go shop!! :)

Thanks to everyone who has sent along great reviews so far.  I spin because I LOVE to, but it is so nice to have my work appreciated and used so beautifully in other peoples work.

Also finished a November Ruffle shawl ( by Kate Jackson)  It is a handspun silk and merino mix.  Exceedingly delicious.  I had to shorten the ruffle as the yarn just ran-the-hell-out. But it is ruffle enough for this spinny girl.

I also have some art to conjure for this round of spark ( see sidebar) more on that in the next week or 2.

more in a day or 2!

xo dawn

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The Underworld

Had a bad stomach virus hanging over us like a black cloud.  It came and rained on me last night… Sad when being sick is like a workout!!  My stomach muscles hurt so bad just to laugh or cough.  It’s been through half the family now-and with the proximity of Christmas, I hope it stops here.  This was hot on the tail of the OTHER bad virus on the menu at school– the respiratory one.  It’s been a rough week or 2 here.  I am looking forward to some r&r over the holiday break!

Here are my last yarns up for grabs before said Holidays…  I really like these.  They  are moody and gorgeous.  Per  usual– click on them to teletransport to Etsy.

Twilight ( yep, more)

Violet Baudelaire

And Steampunk Sparklekiss ( My new stage name)

Despite of the plague, the house is pretty clean, and tomorrow it is on to present making MANIA.  More as it happens!!

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New Handspun Yarn in the Gnomegarden shop!

Just a quick update–  you can visit them by clicking on the mosaic!

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“I’ll have a felty Christmas without you…..”

Sing it all Elvis-y! Go on!

Do you need a teacher gift or stocking stuffer?? Here are a gaggle of felted pins and ornaments that are up on my Etsy for very reasonable ransom!  The flowers are all pins and can be worn on a coat or bag or hat as well as the usual prom corsage idea.

Click on the mosaic to visit the shop.  Hey, Buy some yarn while you’re there! :)


If you are more of an under the hood type– I’ll be teaching a class at Cloverhill Yarn Shop on December 14th 2-4 pm on Needle Felted Ornaments. Come on and play!

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