Wordless Wednesday

January 12th, 2011

The week in glimpses.  Every Wednesday.  For a while.

Oh my gnomes! (OMG) Natch.

November 5th, 2009

Instructables re-post.

This is an absolute genius costume…. behold:

to gnome me is to love me.

garden gnome and his garden.  dress is based on vintage vogue pattern 2962 using silk taffeta.  made an underskirt with lots of layers of tulle. large silk fabric petal shapes added to waist.  added faux flowers, leaves, birds, nests and bugs with fabrictac (great glue).   headpiece using floral wire and faux ivy, mushrooms, foam ears, and a bird (it’s in the back).

glued leaves and flowers onto a vintage purse for my handbag.

gnome consists of fleece pants and top, large ‘fur’ slippers’,  wig is huge blonde wig which i deconstructed and attached to the fleece hat.  pipe was a purchased plastic sherlock holmes pipes covered in a thin layer of clay.   painted with browns and greens, attached moss and twigs, filled with moss.

fun costumes.  it was a great night :) .

Gnomish gifts

May 10th, 2009

Oh glorious Mother’s day!  Look upon this lovely creature–

I love him madly.  Thank you family!

In the morning, a story about tiny needles and tiny fiber and tiny knitting.

wonky! Pointy! Prickly!

January 29th, 2009

I love that word more than most.

wonky. wonky. wonky.

Random knitting, gnoming and hedgehogging photos.

I am getting a cold and snurfley.  NOT smurfley.  Then I’d have my  BLUE head on.

Lil’ Rosie-gnome in one of my first handspun Loop batts. Yuuuummmm.

A Gnomish hat for a person far away. Knit from my own concoction of wool, bamboo and silk– plus some sparkly fairy stuff.  Pattern courtesy of Matryoshka-saves-the-day– Jil Eaton’s Elf Cap.

The super cute arigurumi Hedgie– Pattern by AmyGaines

What’s in the bag?

Oh her baby-gypsie-highness, of course!

Nice family gathering.  Marigold’s has no eyes, no eyes at all.  Where’s my button box….

“It’s like loving a cactus…”

January 27th, 2009

Hope you aren’t sick of seeing Esme yet– it’s hard not to take pictures of her,  she is just so cute.

See those?  They are prickly.  Little Gypsy-girl got her first bath tonight to try and help her with the hard work she is doing growing new quills.  “quilling” is apparently quite painful.  There is a site — hedgehogworld.com– which is helping me learn about being a good mama to this ball of pins…

Behavior during quilling is often very antisocial. However, if you stop to think about what the hedgehog is going through during this time, especially the final quilling (usually around 8-12 weeks of age), it is very understandable why they are uncomfortable. Quilling is a major event in their life that is comparable to cutting teeth all over your entire body, plus hitting puberty at the same time. The good news is, they will get over it. This phase varies in length between hedgehogs, some are over it as short as 4-5 days, others can take 2-3 weeks or slightly longer. However, if you continue to be stubborn and handle them even when they act like they want nothing to do with you that doesn’t involve bloodshed, they will improve again, and most likely be very near their normal non-quilling temperament.

Cutting teeth all over AND hitting puberty at the same time!  (Bloodshed, gulp!) Poor Esme!

She has been very quiet and sleeping much.  We have been holding her and telling her nice things and hoping that when she is all newly quilled she will be a happy and playful.  We got her some toys today, and I will look for some sort of clue in the morning that she at least checked them out.

Some answers to questions I have been getting:

1.) Where in the world does someone get a hedgehog?? A breeder is a great place find one.  There are lists of them online by state.  You have to make sure that hedgies are actually legal to have as a  pet in your state, as there are a handful of places where they are not. We found a lovely woman here in MD named Stasi– http://www.terrapinhedgehogs.com.  I cannot say enough nice things about her, she is like a gnomely saint of hedgehogs. :)

2.)  What is it like to have a hedgehog? I can only answer this from the standpoint of a few days mind you!  You have to do a lot of reading up on Hedgies as pets.  They are so cute in their Alice in Wonderland croquet ball sort of way– but they are an exotic animal requiring special considerations and forethought.  They are prickly sometimes.  REALLY prickly.  When they are relaxed they are not so much– more like a hairbrush.  They are nocturnal.  The have been around since the Dinosaurs.  The are insectivores.  They eat a cat/dog food kibble mix for the most part with the additions of some bugs and good-for-them people food. They need a lot of exercise and to stay warm.  They live from 3-6 yrs on avg.

I was hoping– but I don’t think they will actually do laundry like mrs Tiggy-Winkle!  Esme likes to curl up on me while I knit and snooze under a little blanket.  She sleeps a lot right now.  This is part of being a hedgehog-baby. :)   I am hoping that she will grow to be a wonky and wonderful member of our family.

3.)  Why Esme? It means beloved.  She is named after the Esmes I know and love– Esme Squalor, Esme Cullen, Esme(relda) the gypsy girl loved by Quasimoto in the Hunchback of Notre Dame. ;)   It was hard to choose between that and Amelie.  This was the movie I was watching while sick with the PLAGUE before the Holidays ( remember?) as a comfort while I was lying there dying.  I love that movie and Audrey Tautou’s character.  Jim gave this movie to me as a Valentines present once.  I think it is perfect.  I was lying there in a cloud of  it when he came in and told me that his friend (and amazing artist) Allison had gotten a hedgehoglet.  I was out of my mind with adoration. Thank you so, Allison.  Maybe she’ll have a sister Amelie someday.

The girls really like her and are excited to discover who she will grow to be as well.

I am too tired to tell you all about it tonight,  but I am in a very gnomecentric creative time right now,  It is time for the gnome-swaps on Ravelry.  I’ll be finishing and swapping a gnome and a gnome hat.  I am making lots of gnomie things and will share them as them are finished.  PLUS, Esme is going to need a gnome hat, right?

I hear Esme starting to scritch around in her cage– it must be bedtime for the human. :)

Sweet dreams!

Gnome break and update.

December 8th, 2008

Hey y’all.

I am busy busy busy over here in the gnomegarden, working on some exciting new developments.

I’ve gotten a bunch of wool dyed and just gotten in a box of more exotic stuff that I am excited to dye and work into my spinnings.

Speaking of– I’ll be appearing live and fibery at Cloverhill Yarn Shop on Sunday from 1-5.  First I’ll be doing a spinning demonstration and selling loads of gnome-made things– Yarn, Jewelry, and a little bit of all the magic I can gather. IT ALL MUST GO! :) MAD DAWN’S Yarn event. lol.  Really though, come on in and see me– or send friends if you think they might be interested.  At 4pm I’ll be teaching a class on needle felting Holiday Ornaments.  There is still room in the class!

I can’t even begin to think about Christmas yet– which is sort of sad being that is so close.  It’ll come to me, like a mack truck too.

Other news in my world is that I am going to be back at Cloverhill during the day, beginning after the Holidays.  I’ll be there Tuesday, Wednesday and Fridays.  I’ll also be teaching a knitting class at the Painting Workshop/ Reisterstown on Thursdays.  Let me know if you know of anyone that might be interested!  Lastly– The Painting Workshop will also be hosting a Sit and Knit night now.  (Well it won’t actually begin until after the Holidays.)  Sunday nights from 6-8 come on over and knit, chat and laugh!  Sure to be entertaining and you’ll get work done on thos projects.  I’ll be the knitter-in-residence to help with any questions or project assistance.  Please put it on you calendars if you are local.  It can be crochet or any old thing really– just come hang out with me!  Let me know if you are interested.

I leave you with this little flick that one of my gnome-making comrades on Ravelry shared.  It is sooo sweet

GNOMES ACROSS THE WORLD and the spread of PALIN fever!!!

October 25th, 2008

Oh horrors!  My needle felting super-hero, Kay Petal, has THE PALIN FEVER!!  Well sort of….  Check out her most recent film epic and her website for further felted amazement.  That one can felt-it-up, you betcha!  If you really do love the Madame Palin, you may want to just skip on over to some other youtube channels.  I LOVE this.  I almost peed myself when I saw the doll.


We are about to have another GNOME SWAP over on the Ravelry gnomemakers board.  Gnomes not due until after the Holidays.
(http://www.ravelry.com/groups/gnomemakers)  If you are interested you should let me know RIGHT AWAY as I am getting ready to assign partners.  It was soooo fun last time.  This time we already span the world– Alaska, South Africa, Canada, Italy…. Come on.  Don’t you want to know what an Italian gnome looks like??  LET ME KNOW QUICK!

We are also making real, honest to goodies gnome-hats to swap.  Check it out on the same board.

Off to watch SNL….

Pumpkin farm

October 22nd, 2008

Off to Spring Meadow Farms with school.

I learned that a bee only makes a teaspoon and a half of honey in its hardworking life.  I learned to work a corn shucker.  I learned that “hay is for eatin’, straw is for sleepin”… I’ll never forget it now.

I had reeeeally good cider.

The children were crazy, kindergarden gone wild.

Won’t SOMEONE please buy me this gnome??

The most awesome GNOME HATS ever!!!

October 14th, 2008

The gnomegarden award for BEST gnome and witch –and awesome hat patterns in general –goes to……

SALLY!  At Wicked Woolens!!!

Please feast your eyes–

I know what I’ll be wearing this cold weather season!

Transcontinental gnomes

August 17th, 2008

The gnome friends have arrived at their new homes– In New Zealand and the Netherlands.  Here they are– Rowan the eccentric ages-old mister gnome.

And the sassy gal-gnome who seems to have a bit of other magical creature mixed in from her features and size.

They were born on vacation by needle felt, and were lots of fun to make!!!  My sister and I spent some really nice time at the lake poking the wool into gnome-like form.  The gnome swap was so much fun;  I can’t wait to do one again!  I hope that Matryoshka won’t mind me pointing you to her most amazing creations on Flickr.  She was also in the swap, but also take note that an Etsy shop( Felt Forest) is in the works and she makes some WAY magical things.  Check them out, leave her comments– and let her know if you’d like to see her blogging her wonderment-O-life.  I keep telling her it’s a good idea.  She needs some encouragement!

Here is a lovely yarn I was given by my friend Cat.  It was such a nice surprise.  It was one that I didn’t get at Sheep & Wool due to the hole in my pocket :) .  It is so gorgeous.  Came from Ellens Half Pint Farm. Also I got a set of those fancy- pants multicolor double pointed needles to knit it with.  Right awai I cast on the Spring Forward socks Thanks Cat– I love it all!!  I will love these socks BIG!

I have been spinning, spinning, spinning. Still keeping with the 10 minutes a day thing.  I keep my weel and fiber set up, and everytime I get a phone call– or even just have 5 minutes free– I sit and do some.  You would be surprised how fast those little bits add up!  Tomorrow I am going to soak and set all of the yarn that I have spun lately and start thinking about what they might want to be.  Another good FALL activity.  I am still trying to focus on those positives!

Lastly for today, here was our very lovely sunset over the garden last night.

I am pretty excited– the seeds I planted are all popping up– I hope we’ll have a bounty of fresh veggies before winter.  Have a great night!